Indian guys, help me out on this one? What's this guy's deal?

So I know this guy, (he's brown), 'smart' academically, and I know he's a sly fox.

While I understand not all Indian guys are like that, I think maybe another Indian could understand his behaviour, because I don't.

He sucks up to this girl, and I originally thought he liked her, and now I'm wondering if he just uses her to gain attention that he can 'get' a white girl.

He has this creepy picture of his arm around her bare stomach... I mean, why would a guy profile that?

I guess it's fair that it isn't any of my business.

But he's really... weird. He keeps staring into my eyes, and it's not shy/blushing staring, it's almost like concerned staring.

I don't know what to make of him, I think he's a total jerk, but for some unknown reason to me seems to have a semi-sensitive side towards me.

I think it's also because he was sort of mean to me in the past, and doesn't have any reason to continue doing that, so he figured he may as well move on with no grudges.
How can I stay away from him?


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  • Huh? White women are 'attracted' to Indian men? Now this is new to me! The general opinion is that white women (and women of almost all other races) avoid Indian men like plague because of the stereotype of Indian men being 'ugly, dirty and perverted', although not everyone is the same. Even online surveys have indicated that women all over the world find Indian men the least attractive.

    Anyway, as an Indian men, I really don't know what's the deal with this guy. But yeah, he does seem kinda creepy. Better stay on your guard when you're interacting with him, even if it is in a non-romantic way.

    • Ha ha, the 'white' girl is likely using him too, I can bet money it's not all sincere on her part. She's Jewish, so I guess she has her own prejudices with people to deal with.

      I sometimes feel like this stereotype causes some Indian guys to be even more of a jerk, (not all Indian guys are of course jerks, but the ones who are, do so even more).

      I am definitely on my-guard around him.

      As an Indian guy, would you put your arm around a girl's bare waist, and profile it... I don't know it's just so weird!

      I know it's not like the picture has anything to do with me, but my impression for him went down just looking at it

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    • Yes, I'm REALLY scared of moving elsewhere and then searching for a job. So I'll try my best to secure a job in Australia from India itself (through Skype interviews or something similar), and then move. I know it won't be easy, but I'm not willing to take the risk of moving to a foreign country with zero backup.

      In any case, I would strongly advice you to refrain from moving to India in the near future, even if you secure a job. India is obviously improving, but for someone who has never lived here, it would be very difficult to cope with the extremely high corruption, lack of infrastructure and general disorganization. Within a couple of months of moving, you'll probably be regretting your decision and itching to go back to whichever country you're currently residing in.

    • And as for this guy... he seems to be a rather confused individual who still hasn't got himself together, and hasn't figured out his priorities in life. Best to keep interactions with him to a minimum

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  • Definitely an idiot and a player... a real guy wouldn't post private photos on his profile like that for the whole world to see... definitely sounds like he's just showing off to his mates... don't fall for anything he says or does... id just ignore him... and if he tries to confront him just tell him you know who he is and your not stupid and to leave you alone. If he is with someone then talks to other girls in a kind of flirty way like he's doing to you by staring into your eyes... defnitely a player...

    These days people are moving away from their religion, muslims and indian's here in the UK more or less don't take their religion as seriously, they still celebrate holidays and fast once a year but they don't go to mosque or take praying practises as seriously, only a few families do but that's it really... so they are adapting to our culture so... it's most likely they will act the same as us... i went on some dates with a Muslim guy and i know another muslim guy and both act like people in our country and so does his friends.

    • Hmm is it really that private? Nowadays posting a picture of a girl with your arm around her waist isn't that private... but I do understand what you're saying. He's also posted a picture of her and him vacationing together, and picnicing, I guess those would be more private.

      The thing is, it sort of bothers me that he really likes this girl, I know it has nothign to do with me, but it does. I don't know why. Someone was telling me he's probably using her too, you don't know that he does indeed like her.

      He never tries to flirt with me, but I think he always looks a little like he's trying to figure me out. I'm a very, very sensitive person, and one of those shy, conservative types, so I think he just gets a little protective, I don't know.

      I sometimes feel like that's a phase they go through, then they revert back to their culture when they're older, they're just confused for a period of time.

      If I may ask, what cultural background are you?

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    • Well you need to flirt with guys your interested in i mean how else can you really show your really into them? and eventually your going to have sex and flirting just comes natural and it will send mixed signals if your just really dull and don't flirt, flirting is what makes dating fun and when you give compliments too like "Hey... your gorgeous ;)" that's flirting too, can't not do it. I think you put yourself down too much, i'm like you i have no problem with being friends with guys and i don't get on with other girls (because they too see other girls as competition against getting guys to like them lol), but i find males more tolerable, they are more layed back and not afraid to throw in many jokes into the conversation like girls are these days, but i've never had a guy friend who didn't eventually like me, i've had 3 guy friends in my life, all 3 eventually were interested in me so... i really don't think it's possible that much for guys to not fall for girls lol.

    • So i always get skeptical of guys when they start being friendly with me, i don't let them knwo it though until they start flirting with me and becoming interested. I don't think muslims or indian's get frustrated whatsoever... they live like us, they dress more sexy in leather jackets and modern hairstyles, sun glasses like Bruno Mars lol plus some of them go to prostitues like even white guys... so they aren't as serious about there religion as they were, so don't be so guilible as to believe they don't know what they are doing lol they live like us now so consider them just like white guys.

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  • If you aren't interested in this guy... then rest of the description doesn't matter at all.
    How to stay away? Just ignore him.

    From indian with love.

    • Not interested in this guy. At all.

      But I'm practically friendless right now, I could use a pal. Don't know whether this guy's on my side, or just another jerk

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    • Hmm the thing is, there are people who migrate to North America who are coming from backgrounds where they haven't seen the 'big' picture of life; so I guess they get caught up in things like race inferiority and the such.

      You are correct, there are also tonnes of individuals from good backgrounds/families who are good people, with good perspectives/insights on things, and do not engage in behaviour that is pointless at the end of the day, (as in, having a relationship to prove something else to someone)

    • "So if a guy is wooing a girl in a very open way, does that mean he doesn't think highly of her, or that he just really cares for her? "

      Wooing in open way? Means how? Like flirting?
      Not necessary. I mean it's 50-50.
      Western girls are very open minded, friendly and approachable compared to indian or any south Asian chicks here. I mean i have heard about cases how guy kisses a girl in 1st date and fucks the girl in 3rd date itself. Which States how people in west have different paradigm for dating and sex.
      Hence it is difficult to assume or predict the situation you gave.
      In india, things are different. Girls expectations are different and a genuine relationship takes longer time to build. Indian girls aren't comfortable with man approaching for sex or being very touchy from the start.
      Friend's with benefit kinda situation is considerably very low compared to west. This explains that women have a different perception about sexuality and sex.

  • Well I'm not an Indian but I have heard sometimes in Asian societies its considered an achievement if an Asian guy can court a white western girl.

    • however, this is only sometimes. As an Asian myself I think white femaless are sometimes over hyped.

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    • I don't know. I'm not Indian and I'm not him. He may just be a weirdo excluding all other Indian guys.

    • I don't get it, he knows he's in the wrong, so why does he want to be on my good side too?

      Why does it matter when everything is over

  • he seems like a jerk. Is he born here or from India? is he a ABCD?

    • Hmm he's from India, lived in North America for most of his life.

      ABCD? What's that

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    • So they're both equally using each other?

      Wow. That's messed up

    • welcome to the world of douchebaggery

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  • He is doing free homework and tutoring the white girl :P

    • Ha ha whaat, what makes you say that?

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    • Wow, my respect for him decreased a whole lot more.

      Yeah I agree with you, that could be it. I don't get why she'd still hold ties with him, publicly at that.
      I had thought girls like that discarded guys the second they thought they didn't need them

    • She has a motive for needing him.

  • I don't understand why that guy could be like but not all Indian guys are like that except I lately been getting a message from a Indian guy on here who kept on asking questions I didn't feel comfortable answering that to do with sex and other questions and when I exsplained the questions one time he would make me exsplaine them again and it started to annoy me and make me feel frushstrated and one other guy would ask me questions that would confuse me and that would be annoying to keep explaining the question

    • Be careful hon, Indian guys are really sly, trust me.

      Not all of course, but quite a few.

      They think they can take white girls for a ride or something... they're very manipulative

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    • it's ok no need to be angry

    • *I said not all Indian guys*

      By the way, I'm Indian. And just because I'm Indian doesn't mean I'm not well aware of the bad things of our culture. There are tonnes of really amazing things about our culture, but like it is with ALL cultures, world over, a few bad apples spoil the bunch.

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