Guys can you point the things you find attractive on girls?

i want to be noticed by the guy I like... I do smile at him, but is there anything else can help?


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  • boobs XD

    but really

    1. way girl dresses
    2. hair
    3. smile
    4. figure
    5. body launguage
    6. eye contact

    this what you after? if so hope it helps : )

    • LOL XD yeah thank :D but i dress , not all the time, big hoodies and t-shirts... does that affect the way you dress point negatively?

    • some times yeah, really depends onthe guys taste you are trying to attract so bit hard to give like detailed points about it : )

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  • Umm it's never really tough for a girl to be noticed by a guy
    Guys notice each and every girl
    Just look at him sometimes and make sure he looks at you and then have eye contacts and then he'll approach you if not he's shy and you can approach as well :)

    • I see :) if he approached what kind of conversation should I talk with him?

    • If he approches you don't need to bother about it
      Because he'll be the one to start
      But when talking to him just be friendly and that he shouldn't feel like he's pushing it or something and that he should feel as if it was a great pleasure ;)
      Just be genuine and normal :)

  • play with your boobs or clit, bend over in front of him to tie your shoelace so he gets good view of your butt

  • asking guys this question you just asked all over again


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