When he drives by he always has his window opened. Why would he do that?

Every time he passes me by when I walk with my sister. He has his window opened and leans in.
Or he will stare at me and when my sister notice it. He looks away


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  • He is definitely interested and trying to remain focused in two areas, not looking at you too much and making him look like some perv, especially in front of your sister.
    How old are you and your sister?
    Anyway, he would do that cos he finds you attractive and doesn't want to seem weird looking at you in front of your sister.

    So yeah, just ask for some more advice and ask me questions on whatever whenever you feel.
    Anyway, hope this helps.

    • We are both 20 years old and he is 26 years old

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    • Yeah that's odd. If I were you I would just keep away from all of them, including his mum and whoever else you may know from his family.
      You won't be able to change their opinion, especially his mum, after he's said something to her about you or anything so just ignore them. She's always going to believer her son no matter what so just ignore them and if she gives you that look again do it back, your not doing anything wrong.

    • So it was the right decision to ignore them both. He still does the same thing when he drives by but I turn my head right away when I see him haha.

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