Deal breaker weight?

This question is for the guys and is two parts and be honest with your answers! This has been a topic in my office lately and i'm curious to see what kind of responses are tossed out here :)

1) When you're looking for gals to date, what weight would be the deal breaker?

2) If a gal was actively working to loose weight, however was near or over your deal breaker weight would you still pursue if she had all the other characteristics you look for?


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  • I don't think you can say a specific number as a deal breaker.
    Cause it works differently for each person. We have different types of body and different height's.
    So 180lbs might be too much for one person, and ok to another.

    I am a heavy person. Whenever anyone asks how much I weight they never believe the answer. They always think I'm somewhere near 40lbs. lighter than I actually am. And they won't believe unless I step on a weighing scale or something.

    But I digress...

    1) If she's too skinny it's a deal breaker, if she's too chubby or heavier that's a deal breaker... so I guess.. too much of anything is too much

    2) If she had all the other characteristics I'm looking for and she was working on this of course I would give it a try. Absolutely. Without second though.


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  • 1) weight that would be the deal breaker for me is 160lbs that is just 10 pounds less than me so she would probably be pretty big in comparison

    2) nothing is more attractive than a woman who constantly wants to better herself, she can be 160lbs, but if she works hard is trying to lose weight and has other things i am looking for YES i would pursue =)

  • 1.) I look more at body shape; if everything's proportional, I could care less how much she weighs. I honestly prefer girls that are "thicker". There are certain body attributes that are a turn off to me, however: a really defined double chin, large amounts of arm flab, stuff like that.

    2.) Yes, for the most part.

  • 1) over 150lbs
    2) no, ill pursue once she has actually lost the weight


What Girls Said 2

  • for me, if they are beer belly, that's a no go, but if they are proportional, though large, i'm good with that, i prefer girls about 150lb personally...

    • Weird, i have heard lesbians have a closer sexuality to straight guys (not because they are both attracted to girls) do you know if there is any truth to that?

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    • Are you being sarcastic? it was written without mistake.

    • i was not, i was being sincere, i get formal in writing sometimes...

  • No more than 160 lbs for 5'10"

    I don't like chubby guys who call themself "big"

    Especially the ones who think being 200 lb and 6 feet tall looks good

    • Oh and.. I'm aware this question is for girls but I answered it

      And I'm talking about guys

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