What's a hint for girls that a guy likes her?

what kind of hint that you show when you like that one girl?

there's a guy, my classmate. we've known each other almost 2 years (because we've been in the same class everyday). he likes to joking around and trying to fool me with a joke so i'm like a stupid girl that laughing at his joke because i've been fooled and he really likes to do that. but we haven't talked really deep like swap stories about our lives. lately he likes to sit near me and I don't know, it feels so different right now. sometimes he would say about something that he liked but i didn't asked but then he just say it. moreover he's begging me to bring something that i always bring for him, he never do that before.

what you guys think about this?


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  • we say I like you then punch you square in the jaw after ! :D

    1. will go out of his way to talk to you
    2. smile at you
    3. show eye contact if confidant enough
    4. be in your general proximity if we can help it
    body face towards you when we are talking to you
    5. will use a more cheerful or plesant tone compaired to talking to some others

    there you go

    • he do the eye contact with me but i'm the one who can't look someone in the eyes. he's smile at me and even he sits in front of me lately. he help me when even i'm just asking him to take some pencil and he took it. he helps me when i can't do the homework *even if i can, he always asked if i can do it or not*. do you mean body gesture? um yeah he's kinda using a cheerful tone when he asked me to bring that i always bring for him. our taste of music kinda same.

      what do you think about those? by the way, he just broke up, sadly I don't know when. i like him since i like humorous guy.

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    • do you think it would be impingement?

    • nah really up to you how long you judge for really that is simply my opinion, you can make the move when you feel its best if you wanna do that you are probabaly more informed with first hand knowlage of the situation : )

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