Yesterday we were going to a event my crush and his brother were acting strange what does this mean?

Ok at first when my crushes brother had to sit in the back I was on the right side and my crush was on the left so my crush got up and told his brother to move to into the back on the left then sat back down in the middle I don't get it he could've just told him to sit in the middle I don't know cause he had long legs and it was a hard for him to get out the car and move around plus

On the way back me and my crush started pokeing each other in the side and his brother was saying stuff like how strong my crush was and that he was dipped in a well of manlieness and that he thought I was beutiful danceing and my crush thought the Same was he trying to help him out

Help please and thank


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  • It sounds like your crushes brother was trying to get him laid.


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