Why won't he make eye contact with me?

So I know I'm rather shy and awkward and I have a hard time maintaining eye contact with people, which I'm trying to get better at. My roommate is generally pretty good about eye contact during conversation (or what I perceive as good since I suck at it) but I've noticed in the morning, we'll be chatting in the kitchen over breakfast and he almost seems to actively avoid looking at me. If I'm sitting beside him, he won't even turn his head. I find it weird, didn't know if others would as well?


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  • If he's not looking at you sitting next to you, that is normal. But if he's sitting across from you and still not looking at you, something isn't right.

    • for instance this morning, he was sitting at the table and I was standing across from him, slightly left of directly in his line of sight and he doesn't even turn his eyes..

    • I don't think its a big deal or something you should worry about. If you bring it up, it could get worse.

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  • You may be wearing something cute or attractive like pj's or something and he jusy probably doesn't want to stare

  • He doesn't want to get lost


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