Is he playing it cool or not really interested?

So I been talking to this guy for awhile. He tells me he is attracted to me and thinks we would be great together. Always speaking in hypothetical terms. He has not begun to pursue me officially. What's the deal?
Any guys opinions?


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  • What's awhile? If its weeks then maybe he wants to be sure, if its months, stop wasting your time. Your worth more than to be waiting on some guy to decide if he's interested

    • For about a year... i like him a lot but i can't figure out why he's not pursuing me. Is it wrong to wait? I have other guys interested but i don't want to start anything with anyone else until i know what this is with this guy. thanks for commenting.

    • I would pursue one of the other guys. If its been a year and he is still giving you the run around its because he knows he can. He know now that you won't give up on him and you'll wait but thats not fair to you. And if this is how the relationship starts do you see it going well in the future cause he seems pretty selfish

    • You're right. I should just moce on. Thank u.

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  • Guys don't talk like that if they want in about you.
    You need help :S

    • What? Sorry i didn't quite understand. ..

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