He didn't seem happy to see me at all?

I haven't talked to one of my guy friends/crush since Wednesday /Thursday and once I got the guts to talk to him, he didn't seem happy to see me like he was sad to see me. One of his friends has been hanging around him a lot and I haven't been able to talk to him, I feel like his friend has something to do with it and I just don't know what to do.
I just felt like he wasn't paying attention to what I was saying, he was thinking about what to say to me but it was as if he became sad while talking to me. It was as if he felt guilty for talking to me or something.


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  • Can you expand on the "he didn't seem happy to see me like he was sad to see me" part? Details would help, thank you.

    • There's nothing really that can be implied for certain, but there's quite a few scenarios that may be playing out.

      1) He likes you and is nervous that you are just talking to him to let him down easy.
      2) Both he and his friend like you and are unsure how to handle the situation.
      3) Now this one is a weird one, but I find it to be decently common in high school. As you talked he began to think about you more, and realized (in his mind), that you were 'out of his league' and became upset.

      What did you talk to him about? What was your tone of voice?

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  • I think he just had a bad day or something tragic has happended in his family.

    You write that he is like he is thinking of what to say. He could be in love with you too.


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