Don't know what to do about this?

Since the start of schoolyear this guy has been bothering me. Doing stuff to get my attention, interjecting in my conversations to say something irrelevant you name it. I thought it was rude so I told him to stop. Surprisingly enough he did, he never listens to others. This was a half year ago

Though lately I tried being nicer to him, I said hey but he just mumbled heya and didn't bother looking at me. When in groups he always avoids eyecontact with me.
Sometimes when I look at him first he catches me and then looks away quickly again.

I feel like I'm being hated >_> he's always funny nice and outgoing with everyone but me. I know its partly my fault for telling him off but still. So what would be best to do? Be kind or just ignore him?


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  • Hr probably doesn't hate you, he might think you don't like him. Tell him you think you two got off on the wrong foot and start over.


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