Why does my ex boyfriend stare at me even though he left me? It's kind of weird?

It's been about 2 months since the breakup but we had a great relationship! It was a sudden break up- he told me he thought it was coming 'to an end'. He told me that he was sure he was going to regret it and that he still has 'strong feelings' for me and didn't want me completely out of his life.
Is there a reason he may be staring? Like, is he kind of understanding where he went wrong?
I tried talking to him when he was around his new friends but he snapped at me, next day, he's back to the looking thing again!
Whenever he's around me, he'll try and talk to these girls (even though most of them just ignore him) and then suddenly, I'll look up from studying and he'll just sit there staring at me looking miserable.
Everyone's been noticing changes in him, he's now hanging with the 'popular' people, he's been dressing differently and has been talking horribly to his old friends.
I don't know why he continues to stare at me. At first, I thought he moved on and that I was probably just imagining it, so I ignored it. However, recently, everybody has been noticing and telling me he keeps on staring and they're just as confused as I am.


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  • Cause he's thinking about you? It doesn't mean he wants you back


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