Why did he react this way?

I told my husband I was pregnant a hour or so ago and instead of be happy he yelled at me and grappled me force fully and pushed me back against the headboard and then stormed out of the house. why did he react like that? Do most guys react that way when their wife tell them their pregnant?
We've been talking about kids very serious and I sto birth control a few weeks ago


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  • Did you both plan the pregnancy or did it happen in spite of birth control?
    His reaction seems like he was caught completely off guard. Not that it was called for though.


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  • Have you guys talked about children? He might have reacted innapropriately, but he has to come to terms with it non the less you shouldn't be alone he's your HUSBAND not just some random guy or boyfriend. He may have to calm down and gather his thoughts, no matter what he's feeling isn't any excuse to act violent towards you.


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  • He probably has a lot of stuff going on. Maybe he was thinking about leaving you. Maybe money is been a problem with y'all. Maybe you guys have been fighting and this won't help the situation.

    Just let him calm down!

    Babies are a blessing and you're lucky your having one. Congrats. I hope your husband chills out!


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