I don't know what to make of this?

I like this guy. I just got off the phone to him actually. We were talking about a show i was watching which lead him to ask if I've been with many guys. I asked him back and he says he's been with a few girls, i already guessed he had been with a lot of girls and it doesn't really bother me, he just said he wasn't going to give me a number which is okay. Then he said it was important for him to experience being with different women and being intimate, so he knows what he likes and doesn't like. We've never really talked about sex, on the first date he asked if i was a virgin because i was very shy and quiet that evening. He's never tried to initiate anything other than kissing. We didn't even kiss until we'd been on a handful of dates. My friend thinks there's a possibility he just wants to have fun (sex) whereas i want a relationship. Up until now i thought we were on the same page and now I don't really know what to of this to be honest. What are your thoughts?


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  • I would just out right tell him how you feel and ask him where he thinks it is going. Do this in person that way you get more of a connection and he can just hang up on you or stop talking to you. To me it sounds like he just wants sex. Guys will do and say anything to get it. So listen to your gut and ask him where he thinks things are going and tell him how you feel. If he takes to long to respond he's lying. Just think how you would naturally act when you have been caught in a lie and when you get confronted. You are connected be shocked have a brief pause then answer honestly. Watch his body language and his eyes. Most importantly listen to your intuition it will never steer u wrong


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