Guys what are the chances of rejecting a girl that hits on you in the club?

Say this girl is dressed really nice. Sexy but classy with nice makeup and hair. Would you reject her if say she's not your type.

Because I always see this particular guy when I'm out clubbing. But I'm usually in a group of girls. We make eye contact but he doesn't approach. I'm too scared to approach him but he's soooo hot. What do I do? How do I approach him :)


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  • What I've seen from girls not just at clubs but throughout the night game is they would come very close to the guy. Some girls have even kicked me to get my attention as flattering as that is! Another is touching the guy accidentally. While this is a more aggressive method, I'd reccomend the next time you see him, give him a strong eye contact look. Later when he is alone, go near him or "accidentally" run into him. Odds are he will most likely pick up on this signal of interest. Girls are very much aware that coming on too strong can drive a guy away as it is for men. Looking at him acknowledges to him that you are available, interested and here at the club. DO NOT go straight up to him as it will put him on the spot and you do not want to make him feel uncomfortable. By approaching him later and "accidentally" you come on less strong and look more innocent, thereby keeping things natural as possible... Understand, it is tough for guys to approach girls in groups because of many reasons, but the same applies to girls as well. Would you approach this guy if he was with a group of guys? It makes it easier for both parties to interact when there is no friends hovering/judging an applicant... Hope this helps :)

    • That was exactly the advice I needed thank you so much!!!

      No way. I've seen this guy on multiple occasions but he's with a group of mates and I just any out of fear that they'll start being dickheads or he'll get a big head

    • No problem, good luck :)

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  • How, you ask? Well, you take your left leg and place it in front of your right. Then your right in front of your left. Repeat until you're in front of him. Then open your mouth and, naw, scratch that. Grab his hand and drag him onto the dance floor. Done.


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