GUYS? How do you act when you really care about a girl?

Don't need advice or anything, just want to know.


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  • I ask her about her life, what's going on, if she needs some help. If something's wrong I give her my advice, my support, my shoulder if she needs to cry, my arms if she needs a hug.
    I'm better at showing I care with actions not talking, so if she's my girlfriend, besides what I said before, I would also show her I care by kissing her, hugging, cuddling, and being together.

  • it depends on the situation and the relationship i have with said woman.

    • Well lets say you just like her and you were friends before you liked her. Any situation. Its for fun.

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    • i'll be kind. ( i try to be kind anyway.) i'd give my advice on anything troubling the person. and try to keep them out of harms way. physical and emotionally. sorry not great explication. this was kinda hard to answer. i just do it. i don't think about what i do.

    • Oh okay. I get what you mean.

  • I cared once, never again! So now I am indifferent.


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