I think boys only like me bc of my body?

What should o do? I dont dress in a revealing way but they do see me like a body all i hear is you are sexy you are hot...


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  • Just like they have told you, you can't do anything to change this, unless you wanna dress like a nun.
    People will see your body and face first, so they're most likely gonna think you're hot, and many will just approach you because of this, so when this happens, don't turn them down in a mean way, stuck up, 'cause if you do, then you'll be just a hot chick, nothing else. Be nice to people that approach you, make them realize you're not a brain stuck to a hot body, but a hot body stuck to an amazing brain.

    • Yhaanks realky helpful

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  • I get people never taking me seriously because they think I'm some good looking bimbo with nothing going on upstairs. But in the end, it's still better than being seen ugly and eventually you meet people that see you for more than just a piece of meat.

    • Thanks you have a point ! You do are good looking bimbo

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  • You just can't avoid it. All you can do is keep looking for someone who can see beyond your body.

    • I mean i really dint dress reavealking how do you guys know im even sexy?

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    • Even if a girl doesn't dress revealing we can have a visual of her body, then we just imagine what's under the clothes. A hot body will show itself, unless you're dressing a burqa or a nun's clothing. So, it's not your fault at all.

    • Okay tysm

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