My Professor Gets Me Nervous?

Ok, Im a college student. This is my second semester taking a different psychology course. Well , the first day of class I was late and unfortunately there were no seats but the front seat next to my professor. He stares at me as he teaches bringing eye contact from the both of us. We stare into each others eyes, but I pretend to be extremely interested in the lesson to make it less obvious how nervous I get. He asked in the middle of the lesson a question , and then my name. I answered "Daniela" , Then he smiled. Today I walked in early and sat in the front seat because I feel comftarble there. However, again, we lock each others eyes, he stares into my lips, my green eyes, as if he wants to eat me.. I avoid and look away. Some classmates grill me. Are they noticing? What am I supposed to do. I grabbed my jacket in the end and left quickly.. Out of 40 students? Why must he make me feel this way. Whats going on. Im 19, and I consider myself sensual, passionate and attractive, should I talk to him?


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    he is hot for you.
    My guy, was my calc professor.
    I so seduced him
    He had no chance
    We're together now going on 3 years now.
    Do him.

    • OMG TELL ME MOREEEEEE. I want to seduce him so bad

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  • Go with the flow. Hv him if u want him. U hv already hooked him with your sexiness

    • He's respectful though, he doesn't do a serious move. Should I stay after class

    • Yes, if u want him. He is trying to be discrete. So give him a secret discrete chance, if u want him. Test him first with some sexy loves showing cleavage or a nipple :p

    • The first day I unintentionally was showing my boobs, he went crazy.. Should I do this often. And stay after class, ask him for tutoring or something. Maybe an advice haha he's a physchologist

  • No because you never know who is watching and the outcomes

  • Get to know him. He may just want sex, but that is not a for sure thing. Let things flow and just go with it.

    Been there before.


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