Does he like me? He's acting weird.-?

Before we didn't talk during school..
When I go to the gym.. He sees me and try to wave at me or smile. I would shy away.
In class we got to be partners for little while and he would start the convo.. And we would laugh at the dumbest things. He would over react when i make a joke like "oh, so you think im stupid ;o lol" and he would look scared like
"no! no!"
After school I went to the gym.. We bumped into eachother and I waved. He smiled big and I walked towards him and we started talking a bit.. He was smiling throughout the conversation..
The next day, we had to move because we were so damn loud and he was like
"I have to move, huh?"
I said..
"Yeah.. Over there. "
he said something else that I could catch and I asked what he had said and he just said..
"I love you."
I laughed :P and we haven't talked..
Few weeks (?) later I asked if he can do a favor.. It was to buy a water bottle for me.
He went and tried to be funny infront of me by being a punk with the teacher. And I asked him if he was going to the gym.. He looked down and said yeah like almost whispering.
And today..
I was accidently in his way and he just randomly hugged me and said "you were a great partner."

He's more of an extrovert..
He would "flirt" with other girls but with me he's gentle?
He would look down when I talk to him
Except for that time we were sitting next to eachother.. It's weird..


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  • He likes you gurl firnsure he is shy and he haves a lot of girfiriends it doesn't mean he is flirtunh


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  • You're so hot for him right? You're building up physically feeling I can tell

  • If you like him, just give him your number.


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