He totally changed. It was a drastic Change. Gagers! What can you make of this?

Okay for over a month I've been texting my crush. We haven't met in person but we do live in the same city. We would flirt a lot and he would try to visit me at work but he would go to the wrong locations... we would talk about hanging out and he would like my selfies on social media. He was opening up to me and we were getting close... I started to have a small crush on him and I told him. He didn't exactly tell me if he liked me back. & then a week later that all changed. He wouldn't text me as much, when we would text he would take forever to message back, he kept asking me the same questions (over and over) (he kept asking my age) that I answered weeks ago... it didn't seem like he wanted to text and I made a comment on how he shouldn't feel obligated to text me ( cuz i didn't want him to feel like he HAD to text me). He got all pissed off and he said that i was telling him that I didn't wanna talk anymore for whatever reason which wasn't the case AT ALL. He then said he didn't text back cuz he had to but because he wanted to. He said all girls were the same. which was insulting. I dont know what the hell happened to him. It's just not the same anymore. I'm pretty sure I didn't offend him. So gagers what s up with him?
He doesn't even text me now.. I'll text him and he won't respond back. What should I do?
UPDATE: He said he didn't want to hang out at all. that was a week ago, but NOW he wants to hang out... Wth.


Most Helpful Guy

  • By telling him that you have a crush on him, you are giving him power over you. Now he can step all over you.

    • Aw man :/ so he obviously doesn't like me back and why he was he different before I told him about my little crush?

    • He could still like you. But since he know you have a crush on him, he can start taking thing for granted.
      Guy like to be the one that do the chase, you need to be a challenge! (which is why most girl play hard to get, and it work!)

    • So what should I do?

Most Helpful Girl

  • He has serious issues. I think that the fact that you told him about your little crush on him had a great impact on him. Maybe he feels or thinks that if he doesn't text you or talk the way you guys used to, you might stop liking him. Guys are stupid. They always freak out when someone confesses. I certainly don't understand them.


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  • Maybe he's in some problem.. try to figure that out


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  • The asking repetitive questions makes me think he isn't just talking to you. I don't think you did anything here, seems he just turned around your words to make you feel responsible. He doesn't sound all that stable.. just my personal opinion.


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