Could you still date a girl if she had a baby?

There's this girl I know who had a baby with a deadbeat lowlife (basically girl falls for bad boy, gets hurt and then turns to good guy… shocker) but I do like this girl.

When I'm with her at certain times she makes me feel great and many people tell me she seems to really likes me.

But there's the issue with the kid, I honestly don't know why but something about it kinda keeps me kinda at bay. Like I like her but at the same time there's the fact she had a child with a lowlife and he'll occasionally show up in the picture and I don't like the idea of helping raise another man's kid like if I had to raise kids I'd rather they be my own.

Does it matter to you guys or no?


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  • If you are so sure about it, disliking the idea of helping raise another man's child then don't. I had a child when I was 17. My ex just dumped me right after I told him I got pregnant. And I met this guy a few years later. We were friends about a year and then he asked me to be his gf. He told me "your child is an another man's child. But your child is also a little you. I love this child as I love you. I want to take care of you both." He is my husband now. We have been together for 12 years. But that's just my case.

    • Not gonna lie that's actually really sweet. I have been in deep thought about this and I think it's the fact that the other guy is still in the picture in some way that bothers me.

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  • No, I require new unused uterus!


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  • That's just so much drama to deal with that you can avoid! I say it's not worth it. I wouldn't date someone with a kid already, I want to experience those things for the first time together with him. The baby Dady will always somehow be a part of your life which is annoyinggg. Don't do it.

    • I think that's something I'd rather do, go through the experience the first time together. Not now obviously but someday down the line

  • Of course you can date her if she has a kid just show her that you would help take care of the child


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