Would a guy run away from a girl whose life is in a mess, or try to help her?

If he 'likes' me so much, then why doesn't he actually help?

All he does is look sad, I mean his expressions aren't changing anything.

Helping wouldn't mean anything more than being a good friend, which he isn't, so why is he even bothered?


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  • Well he probably think he can't men have a mentality of I'm going to be superman and if he gets and cells he gets dishearted and give up after awhile. Show him you notice and appreciate his help.

    • lol he doesn't help.

      At all.

      All he does is give me thse looks, and I'm like dude.

      not helping you're worsening it

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    • If I be so direct, it would be embarrassing, plus I get the feeling that he is surprised by how confident I am.

      I don't think he expected me to walk right up to him, probably thought I'd just smile or look away shyly.

      I mean I narrow my eyes at him, and he still doesn't get it

    • Don't worry about embarrassment it's not embarrassing to be straight up with a person

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  • Share your problems of course, he should listen you. If there is something he can do, he does. If he's not willing to, well some people are like that. They are there for your happy moments. You don't need them.


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  • if he REALLY liked you he would help as much as he could ;-)

    • He doesn't know me that well, but it's like all I get from him is, 'Look at me, talk to me, what's wrong?' and he doesn't actually DO shit about it.

    • Why can't he be a normal friend, and just have a nice conversation with me once in a while rather than the bullshit about there something being 'wrong'

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