Why would a guy go quiet when he saw you?

So this guy was a total ass to me he ROLLED HIS EYES at me in front of everyone!

Well to be fair I did do something worthy of that behaviour.

The next few times I've seen him I've been ice cold.

I recently saw him and he was walking with one of his friends, the moment he saw me he stopped talking altogether. I just walked off as though I hadn't noticed.

Does he feel bad? I always thought he liked me, if not romantically at least as a friend. I've noticed his eyes get all amused/big when he seems me, but to be fair he's got nice eyes. I may just be looking so deep into them that I think that. Plus he uses my name a lot although he forgets my last name which is well not good
Did he feel bad?

I noticed he's got a bit of a soft spot for me. I once had to be in a group project and had no one to go with, so he raised his hand to take me in a group. That was nice I guess
I don't really think he likes me, he may have just felt guilt... should I talk to him?


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  • because he likes you obviously...

    by the way do you have a last name that it's difficult to spell?

    • Really? I just figured he felt bad about it or something.

      If he liked me he would try to cover it up not be so blatantly obvious, (especially because his friend was someone I knew as well, and I am 99.9% sure his friend is crushing on me. We go way back)

      Yeah my last name is difficult to spell lol

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    • Yeah I was gonna say the same he lime you he is saving face in front of friends

    • But why'd he roll his eyes that was so rude! If you liked someone you wouldn't do that.

      Moreover, I sent him a friend request recently, and he didn't add me, (it is of course likely he never saw it, because I took it back within an hour).

      If he did see it, I wonder if it's driving him crazy as to why I took it back. He keeps popping up on my people you may know.

What Girls Said 1

  • you are making this assumptions too much. I wouldn't assume anything unless he says something. besides, all men are like a scumbags trying to use anything around. if you want to be used, then it won't matter but who need that? just get to the chase and if not, forget about it.

    • Hmm he's not a scumbag, and knows I am very Religious and likely to not engage in slutty behaviour.

      I think hypothetically if he did like me, he wouldn't show it either, because we as a couple wouldn't be realistic in the least.

      But it would be interesting to know that he liked me. He's someone I look upto in a lot of ways

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