My guy friend is polite to everyone except me?

When we become friends, he was really polite, but now, he acts really obnoxious/rude towards me. He always approaches me to talk and then start being mean. I am his closest female friend. He is polite to other girls though. He talks to his close guy friends in a rude way as well, but shouldn't he draw a line on how to treat a girl and a boy?


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  • How is he being rude? Like what type of things is he saying? Does he mean it or is he joking?
    Sometimes I tease girls, it can come as somewhat rude if she doesn't get that I'm just joking. Maybe he's doing the same. He feels comfortable around you so he jokes more with you, just like he does with his guy friends.

    • Umm... he cuss at me like he cuss at his guy friends and teases me about my looks and I have seen him doing the same to his guy friends. I know he is joking but could it be that he hates being my friend?

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    • Oh cool, so I bet he sees it more like a game, you know. He probably even like you, like more than a friend.

    • It turns into a game between us at times. We start being EXTREMELY mean to each other but then return back to normal lol

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  • i believe he's rude on purpose, because he's into you ;-)

    some guys tend to show some rudeness towardsgirls they like

    • Ouch. His rudeness totally gives off the wrong signal. It either seems like I am one of the guys for him or he just hates me. Lol. But I know that if he fights with me, he get really hurt by that lol

  • You are likely seen as one of the lads, embrace it!

    • I do, I do, but cussing at me like you cuss at your guy friends and teasing me about being single forever haahaa I don't get offended but sometimes I feel like he wants to break his friendship because guys are generally softer around girls.

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    • There's a couple of girls in my group who are fully integrated so to speak, one of them I was interested in initially but it didn't happen so she's now a bredrin. lol

    • Oh okay then. We both are very much single and really not looking forward to relationship with anyone so I guess we both can pull off being close friends.

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