If you (guys) stared continuously at a girl would you want her to make a move or wait for you to?

He never loses interest in you, watching what you’re doing or wearing, where you are going, who you’re talking to, your mood or facial expressions… is he still deciding or does he like you. Should the girl make a move, or should she wait?
  • Make a move girl ;P
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  • Let him do it. Don't be so forward. :/
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  • Wait a little and smile at him. See how he reacts
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  • if I stared at a girl constantly then I would eventually do something. I highly doubt staring would get the girl to do anything, if anything it will make her do nothing even more lol.

    • Yeah.. it's a little creepy but I have a brother so I get it. It just means they're really attracted.

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    • you can at least flirt with him :D hahaa. and np d00d!

    • I will do that. Thanks boss. :P

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  • Thoigh if he likes you he is supposed to approach because he likes you you dont like him
    But if you're interested as well you can smile and then he definitely if understands the inference will come to you :)

    • They have tried to flirt with me before and I was polite and nice because I wasn’t sure yet. But I made my decision now, but I guess I made them doubtful. :/

    • Yeahh you actually confused em...
      With all those mixed signals
      Could be hard to get em now :p
      Find another one...

    • they still like me so I think there's hope. Besides, if I never sent mixed signals they would have lost interest.

  • Of course, I love when a girl makes the first move ;)


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