Does he really want a friendship?

I had been dating this guy for over a month, and everything seemed to be great. Then all of the sudden he became cold, so I decided to give some space and not contact him. He then returns to me but he is still cold even though he contacted me. I then ask him if something happened since he was like that. He said he was busy with university and work, and I told him to just tell me the truth rather than act cold and he said that he thought we should stop dating. I took fine, I told him that it was okay. This happens when you date sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. He said he wanted to be friends (I thought he only said that to make the "break up" easier for me) so I said sure just to end things on a good note. And then i ended the conversation. A day later he texts me that he is having some issues, and think "this is any of my business because?" Why would he text me? Does he really want to be friends or what is his deal? And how do I tell him that I'm not interested in his friendship?
So I've been ignoring him since we "broke up" and he keeps texting but the text that annoyed me the most was "oh so I ran into my ex today". Why would he do that?


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  • Sounds like he wants to be with you but something is going on and he doesn't think he can make it work. So he kinda wants the best of both worlds and won't just make a decision. You need to tell him that he needs to choose. (if you still want to date him that is). Tell him you really want to be with him but it is either all in or nothing. Guys do NOT want women as friends. we only want them around for potential sex. it might be a long term play where we are happy with someone else right now but think "well if i break up with my current, then maybe I can get a pity fuck/blow job from missohsoconfused..."
    he will either figure out he really does want you. Or he will get that push in the ass he needs to leave. If he is that busy with school you dont always have time for anything other then just sex.

    • Oh thank you so much for this advice, this makes everything more clear. I'm a virgin so j don't know if this has anything to do with anything? But thank you so much!

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  • I dont believe what men says. they seem to lie a lot about what they want. money, business is what they want. either they want to sell you to make money or they want someone rich. men are same as girls but they only good at lying


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  • It could be that down deep he still want more than your friendship , but at the same time doesn't think it fair to drag you into what ever this ex thing is about. I know you said the break up came before he mentioned the ex coming into the pic. I can't get my mind around any other reason for him telling you about the ex other than him being straight up and honest with you

    • I see your point.. Well he hasn't texted me since so I'm not going to bother him or something. Thank you so much for your advice!

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    • Oh thank you so much! You've been very helpful!

    • Most welcome, glad I could help

  • You should just respond with, I thought I would be ok with us being friends but I'm quickly realizing that I'm not ok with it. I hope things work out for you, many blessings... and that's it! Short and sweet

  • he either has more interest in someone else or he has serious issues and is being considerate by not getting involved with you untill he straightens things out, either way he doesn't want friend ship with some one that he knows has romantic feelings for him

  • Tell him that you don't care about his boring ex and that what he's doing is clearly an attempt at manipulating your emotions.

  • Don't ignore him, that's the worst. Tell him what justbe said, or similar, but be kind.


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  • He really wants to be friends. Tell him its to awkward for you, even if it isn't


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