Is this an obsession, or something else?

It's a really long story, and I don't really want to get into the detail of it because it's just going to make me even more depressed. It's a serious issue and it's been having a bad effect on my sleeping pattern.

In short, I liked this girl once, for a few years, and then I finally decided I should move on from her, and so I cut ALL ties with her.

In hindsight I know it was a very dramatic and somewhat harsh thing to do, but at the time I knew it had to be done. I was struggling.

I saw her last summer, and tried to avoid her as much as I could, but avoiding her just made me think about her even more. We bumped into each other a few times, but we didn't speak.

At this party, at the moment she and her cousin decided to leave, I was taking money out the ATM and she asked the rest of the group "I'm waiting for (my name), I'll catch up".

I really, really liked her. I cared about her. I was so nervous around her, and I loved it when she gave me attention (which was very often).

Is this an obsession? Or am I just experiencing something else?


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  • If you liked her why did you move on, like was she not into you?

    • No, she was definitely into me.

      I moved on because our 'thing' wasn't going anywhere. I wanted a relationship, but distance made it impossible.

    • Oh well I think you just really like her, and it's hurtful that you can't be with her. Normal feelings...

  • I can't say anything because there are no details

    • Well tell me what you want to know then. Ask away.

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    • Yes I have wanked off thinking about her - why is that even important?

      I have never followed or stalked her.

      I'm thinking about her a lot, but I'm not jealous of her and the boyfriends she'll have in the future.

    • You are not obsessed. Case closed.

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