Why did he changes his mind roughly?

Why did he changes his mind roughly?
I have long talks with a boy, I must admit that at first I was not interested in v him but during the summer holidays we were talking everyday and we had planned to see eachother when I return. I came back and every time I asked when we were going to see ; he answered me "soon." So for a while I dropped and then approaching Christmas holiday he started talking to me and seduce me (as he had a girlfriend) but after getting over between the two, we got closer (he gave me the nickname calling me sweetie and we send sexting) but told me recently of a sudden, there will be nothing between us, that he was in love another, that he was lost and did not feel anything for me... now i am lost i don't understand his abrupt change. can someone help do understand ( ps: we never see eachother every time we planned a thing he canceled for reasons
he was sending me videos and snap everyday
When He Told me he Had a girlfriend i said it was bad and i stop talking to Him and a week later he cam back and Told he break up with her...


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  • You knowing he had a girlfriend are a honewreaker. Shame on you. Woman are suppose to me with each other not Against typical hoE

    • Would you like it done to you. Think about it. ? The same way you got him is the same way you'll lose him

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    • you don't need to be nasty by the way

    • Well stop talking to him don't be that girl.

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