What is the personality of russian men?

We met via online dating site. We haven't met each other due to the reason of distance. He is a russian. He used to say I love you and baby everyday. Later, he became weird and didn't reply my message which is an animal emoji. Thus, i deleted him from my VK friend list. After a few days, i received his message (say my name) and blamed him like a weirdo (coz he say nothing after i reply him). And then he asked me to add him as a friend again... by the way, i think he is a little bit annoying because he always ask for a photo. I didn't reply his last message coz i didn't know what he was talking about. Today, i asked him for helping me translation and he read the message, no reply again. My question is.. What is the personality of russian men, also do they say “i love you“ easily?I know cyber love is stupid but i just "like the idea of this person" so i can distinguish the reality and virtual world.:)


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  • In my opinion, Russian men tend to be very sexist towards women, due to the society in Russia. However there can be very nice Russian guys, it just depends who you meet.

    But be careful, never trust anyone on the internet who you don't know in real life, especially when it comes to relationships and sexual activity. He does sound kinda shady, so personally I would stay away.

    • i won't trust anyone easily coz i lie to them as well lol I know everyone is differ in reality and virtual world:) Thank for your remind and answer:)

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