Is a fist bump from a guy always a sign of disinterest?

So in one of my classes I sit next this guy I've been getting to know over the course of this year, and today, after he made a brilliant point in our group discussion, he turned to me and extended his hand for a fist bump. Knowing it is typically considered a sign of disinterest and disheartened because I have feelings for him, I playfully refused. In turn, he said "Come on, it could be our thing" and extended his hand further.

Guys, please help! Is a fist bump always a sign that a guy just wants to be friends? Or could it be something else?


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  • It's not disinterest. Sounds like he likes you. Ask him if he does.


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  • He treats you like a dude, so he probably considers you as a good friend.

    • A good friend as in I'm most likely friendzoned? Or a good friend with the chance he may be interested?

    • Most likely friendzoned, but probably not intentional to avoid anything

  • fist pump , sign of trust.


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