Is this rude what I did to a girl?

So there was this girl i used to live with in my care home, that seem to get the impression i liked her.
because i don't speak to her or rarely talk.

i'm reserved and introverted, but anyway she came up to me one day and asked "why don't you talk to me?" i did'nt have a answer to that, then she asked me "do you like me or something"
i panicked because i didn't understand what she meant by that, like maybe she was thinking i'm not talking to her because i hate her or something.
so i didn't want to hurt her feelings or offend her by saying no.
she's actually not my type , but she's not bad looking i guess.
so i said "yes", which she then paused for a second and said said aww, then smiled and proceeded to rub my wrist in a affectionate way.

i then panicked and got nervous and just sat there silent and confused, and just ignored her after that.

what was i supposed to do?

i'm really confused what even happened, miscommunication error.


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  • She sounds really rude... your no the rude one... why is she so concerned about who you are?, i get girls being this way to me because i'm an introvert too, i'm quiet around people and don't talk much but they take it too personally like i hate them or something, i think she needs to accept who you are and not be judgmental... It's jsut a stupid stigma these days that if your not "out-going", "confident" and "talkative" 24/7 your some how nasty, ignorant and no good... it's an awful thing to think about people... everyone wants you to be who they want... never mind accepting you for who you are... I think she just took it too personally and jumped to conclusions like other girls do...

    • yeah but she's shy herself too, so i don't know... she's a nice girl though, she treats me ok most of the time

    • If she knew what it's like to truly be an introvert she wouldn't of jumped to conclusions like that lol you need to tell her your just shy, quiet and not like other people where they force the conversation and your not going to change, just tell her not to take it personally, if she was that understanding she wouldn't of jumped to conclusions in the first place... lol, i have a feeling she might jump to conclusions about saying that too... if she does i wouldn't worry about it... it's the mentalitiy these days.

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  • You'll have to be brave and tell her that you're not good in that sort of communication and may have messed up. Best to be open and tell her how you misinterpreted the situation and screwed up.
    An honest sorry will probably save you, doing nothing will only add to the confusion.


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  • i don't believe it was rude, but you will have to clarify yourself, let her know that you don't dislike her, but that you aren't into her

    • But that's the thing i'm unsure if i like or not. because sometimes when i see her i think she's ugly, but then other times.
      i have to pause for a second if it's the same girl, and she looks mystical and pretty.
      but anyway she already has a boyfriend anyway, she goes out with a guy for 2week s then dumps them.
      the only thing going in my favour is she likes black or mixed guys,

  • Well, I would be confused if I was a girl and guy first told me that he likes me and then later on would tell me that he wasn't. However, the fact that she said aww and rubbed your wrist indicates that she isn't into you, she just thinks it's cute (or at least that's what I've said and done to guys I wasn't attracted to, sounds mean I know). So my advice would be tell her the truth, it won't her. Because if she likes you, she would have made a move afterwards.

    • yeah but we lived in the same house for a year, and one time she asked me to walk her to her mom's house late at night because she was concerned men would harass her at night, and she made a joke about if people see us together at night then they might think were together or something.

      i'm unsure if i like her or don't, she's ok,

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