Guy stopped flirting and acting different why?

A guy I work with within the last week has suddenly changed to me at work for no reason, he is temporary in the office and his job situation is unsure so he may go back to other part business, but he has known this awhile.

He always was so happy to see me and works next row of desks to me, I would go over in morning he would have big smile, ask how my evening was, saying about his, smiling lots eye contact, he would sometimes compliment like "wow you look great today" your outfit really suits you and didn't care who heard, about my perfume anything I had on.

He would tease me lots, jokes sexual in roundabout way, asking me to massage back once, he always asks me if like drink, buy me one out of everyone, ask for money for his card, smile lots crave my attention, email me nice things sometimes, ask to go lunch, walk same pace as me,

If social event always be round me, but me drinks, call me not bad looking, lovely nice girl, if I was sad he said I'll always be here your my girl and your so nice the list goes on.

But I have partner and him gf but it was purely friendly banter, and we good friends, then last week he changed, he stopped turning round saying nice things, if go to his desk it's bit chat but he like quick and no banter unless I start it, won't ask me for drink go for drink with me etc, I asked him what's up and he said being careful as job situation don't want to turn round lot, fair enough but he turns round talks to Guy and older woman and laughs and banters with his team, and even chats to my mates other end office fine, people have said lots bout us but never bothered him,

I am very upset as I feel it's like he wants to talk like today he sat staring at me when at printer and winked, then when walked up to him serious, but emailed me bout some work thing sent him 2 weeks ago, bit random, he sat with me yesterday lunch though but very quiet to normal acting very different and looking round lots

Any help be good?


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  • ask nd try to find out if something wrong or problematic is going in his life, which is stressing him or maybe he started to like you

    • I have asked him few times as someone said something to you at work etc but he said no, I texted yest saying am upset behaving this way and he said am fine don't text me out work these things

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    • But I don't know his gf at lunch or out the office he seems fine it's just at work like stopped being toward me, it hurts as we friends I want to text but he won't like it so why would a guy change for no reason, could he think I like him

    • yea thats what you've to find now, find her gf nd ask her the problem nd if you're too frank to him then possibly he thinks it, I think his gf has forbade her to paying attention to other women which has changed him but you should find out by her gf

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