How to handle the hot and cold guy. And how to pull out of the situation?

Why do men act this way. They act interested the check you out. Flirt. Text. Message. Talk. Act like your friends one day
Or for two days and then completly pull away for days at a time?
It makes no sense. When he knows the girl likes him and is possibly falling in love with him.
And he leads her on.

And also how dose she remove herself from the situation because she likes him but tired of being lead on.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Do a no contact policy. I've only met a few people who do the push and pull method thankfully, but I have very little tolerance for bull shit. Block his phone number, texts, and do not even look at him. If he doesn't get the hint, then tell him straight up and without mercy I might add that he needs to leave you alone.


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  • Tell herself he is nothing but heartache and move on


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  • If you are too easy, he might have lost interest so he stop.

    Or if you are the opposite, he might get tired of the chasing and stop.

    Or he is just an asshole and want to lead you on, like you said.

    You can't pull out because he got you hook'ed. You must act like nothing bothering you , and be a challenge! Guy love to be one chasing !


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