Why Does He Keep Coming On?

Well I had a misunderstanding with this guy and I sent him Something on whatsapp, I only just downloaded the programme, this guy I am into has the app also, it said his last seen status when I joined Was One week earlier, I sent him a photo of the present a song and another photo of me, I had bought for him for Valentine's day, was going to give him when I saw him, he lives overseas, he sent me a message I don't care, I don't want anything from you, You give me Space, and Peace, after sending it he logged back in 1 hour later, and then again later that night, he then came on the next day, and has been on everyday multiple times, I Wondered if he was coming on ever since he knows I have known got the programme, and Thats where I sent him photos etc, and before I installed it was a week earlier, so It seemed that he very rarely used the programme. Everytime he comes on he's on 1 minute, sometimes less so not really long enough to do anything what do you think?


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  • Just ignore him or block him. and you can block on whatsapp. No point reading into it. There could be hundred reasons for his behavior.

    • Do you not think its a bit funny ever since I joined And sent him things he has been on whatsapp everyday, sometimes 6 times, when he hasn't been on there for a week, but suddenly I start using it and now he's on everyday, a few days he has been on 6 times

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    • All I know is I have strong feelings for this guy, I have fallen for him, thats why I came on here and shared my question for opinions, if I didn't want him I wouldn't be doing that

    • then call him its really that simple, stop making yourselves miserable.

  • I'm sorry, in my opinion he doesn't want you back.


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