How do you know he's interested in the first date?

I was with friends and there wasn't any room at the table so a friend and I had to sit together alone.. I don't like him but I feel like we kinda had like a small spark before.. I don't know if it's just me. But we had food together and talked and it was awk bc everyone else made it awk for us. And we didn't know if we were eatting as just for company or if it was a date. Nothing happened or anything. But our friends were staring and made it weird. We talked here and there but there were some awk pauses


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  • he may be interested but as you said your friends were giving you a hard time because you too were sitting together. maybe hangout just the two of you sometime and see if it is still awkward

  • if he always try to draw your attentions then chances are he likes you basically :-)


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