Does he look at me? Why does he not look at me? Why is he acting like this? Please explain?

Maybe a month ago, he told me that he was good where he was and wasn't looking for a serious relationship and just wanted to be friends. Ever since then, he hasn't said anything to me. So now, usually everyday we're a table away ( because thats where our friends sit) Mine at one, his at the other. Sometimes we end up at the same table, Anyways, I often glance over at him because well I still like him. He seems to always be purposely looking away. not even in my direction when i glance over. Does he look at me when i dont see him? Any one been in a similar situation?


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  • He does look at you or he desperately wants to look at you, he is confused about his feelings, and maybe he thinks that he screwed up so he can't try again

    • Is there a way (if he does feel like that) to let him know he can try again? DOes his behavior seem unusual?

    • No his behaviour does not sound unusual. start giving signs about that you like him.

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