When a guy says?

So basically what does it mean when a guy says he's not ready for a realtionship yet, and tells your bestfriend that but when you ask him about it he says ooh Yeah and then he changes the subject he kinda acted as if he didn't want me to know? So does it mean continue getting to know him better?


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  • Not being ready for a relationship is usually in a general way, as in him, himself, isn't ready for a relationship, either because he is still recovering from previous relationships, has too much on his mind or feels like he is not mature enough to be with someone else ( if you are 15 then this is probably the case). It could also just be an excuse not to with you

    • To be exact he thought he was talking to my bestfriend but she hacked my phone and said it was her and he told her I was confused so I told him and then I asked if she hacked me he said ohh yeah like you weren't suppossed to know this but considering I've only known him a month and we don't really know each other I think that's the case.

    • Only time will tell then :)

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  • Walk away now, what if he wants sex knocks you up and he walks away on you.


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