This guy in my class?

Basically he was like to my friend you don't say hi then he hugged her, for some reason he hugged me as well he ragged me and friend Lool then I ended up in the corner.

My friend has noticed he was staring at me with he's friend but the weird thing is he didn't talk to me in class but he speaks to me out of class. He's feet pointed towards me, I was speaking to my friends I've noticed he would come to me and my friends.

I'm just not sure if he does I've asked my friend they said he likes me but the thing is I don't know to be honest.


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  • Try to spend some time with him to get to know his feelings then. Ask for homework help or if he understands something. Just find an excuse to talk to him. Say something like hey can you send me the homework assignment? To get his number you know.


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