Guys - What are your favorite ways to flirt with a pretty girl you like?

Besides the usual compliments etc what other techniques do you utilize when you're getting your mac on? xD (Just curious)


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  • Teasing. I like to play this game, because it's just fun, we're both teasing each other, having fun. There's no better way to get to a girls heart than making her have fun with you.
    I also look at her very often. I look her in the eyes, and just smile.
    I also show her that I care, but without being too clingy, just ask about her day, tell me about her life, you know, getting to know us better.

    So far it has worked, so I don't plan on changing my approach.

    • ^^ this is my favorite way guys flirt with me ☺️☺️

  • I have always been a bit shit at flirting, it's like having a disability!


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