Guys, Is he bothered or uncomfortable?

I slept over, no sex, at a guys house who I've been kinda talking to. He claims he likes me... Text me the next day that his sheets smell like me, like my perfume. I text back saying, 'good :)'. He text me back the 'mixed feelings' emoticon he usually sends when he has mixed feelings lol. I know this sounds basic but should I just avoid staying over for now?
We have had sex before lol this time we just happened to not have... I actually had to force him to go to his room to sleep cause he was falling asleep with his head in my lap in the living room.


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  • Yeah you should. You don't seem sure of him. And he probably thought you felt a little more for him than you do staying the night. Hahaha your also a tease knowing he likes you and not even a little play. Meanie.

  • Sleeping over and no sex? It sounds like you're subjecting him to some kind of cruel torture! Haha


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