How do I know if he is really in to me or just wants to play me?

About 3 years ago i used to talk to this guy. i still have never had a bf and he is the only guy I've ever kissed. Guys usually consider me hard to get, but im not playing I just dont want to be with just anybody. He came off to me as a player bc people told me he had a gf and it turned out he did. I had no idea but he led me to believe that he didn't so i trusted him. Long story short he ended up moving away and we stopped talking. About a month ago I randomly saw him and had no interest in talking to him again but he soon convinced me to. He seems to really like me but he also seems like the player type. Im not good with my feelings so i usually probably come off as not liking someone as much as i do. The thing is he should know i like him im spending time talking to him. We also hung out, you would think he knows i like him i dont just hang out with people i dont like. he wanted me to kiss him but everytime a guy comes near me in that manner i freeze up. I dont know what it is but it terrifies me. Yes i kissed this guy before but like i said that was three years ago and he was the only one I've kissed. we were supposed to hang again but he never said anything about hanging while texting me so i ended up hanging with my other friend (not a guy). and he never texted me back i think he got mad at me for it. and we haven't talked since because i feel as if someone doesn't text me back they dont want to talk but why did he want to come back in my life only to leave again? he tells me how much he likes me and then does this? i know im not all that emotional or sexual but im not just going to open up to just anyone i need to know its real first and he should know that from before.. he should know that im not just going to do anything with just anyone. he knows i wasn't going to have sex with him and thats the type of guy he is the typical one night stand holder. But i felt as if he wanted diff with me bc there was no sign of him intentionally wanting that just yet with


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  • He's totally a player, girl believe me, I'm going through a situation so similar to yours and every single person I ask for advice tells me the guy is a player. And the guy u r talking about seems to be the guy that doesn't take anything seriously, thinks everything is a joke for him, and also he wants you only when he's bored. Bc when he's not, he doesn't even tries to talk to you. But when nobody pays attention to him, he comes running back to you to get yours and feel self satisfied. Don't let him in, I mean it's your decision 💯 but everything you say he does gives the hint that he's a player.

    • thanks its great to hear from someone in a similar situation. you're absolutly right though i guess i just didn't want to believe what is apparent.

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  • Ask him about it


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