His actions and words don't make sense. Can't tell if he likes me or not?

So I've had a crush on this one guy for over a year now, and he knows how I feel about him. The day I told him a had a crush on him he told me to not talk about it right now, wait for the right time to bring it up. After that we never talked about it for months. Then one night he told me that he only saw me as a friend, and that we would never be together. Then one day at work (me and him work together) I ran into his homie who asked me if we had hooked up yet. I told him no that we where just friends. But his homie told me that the guy I likes knows I want him just like I know he walts me. And he said that my crush was just scared to commit. That got me thinking he likes me. He still says he doesn't have feelings for me. But he constantly will hug me, or put his hand on my shoulder. If I'm working and he is on break he will just stare at me. He also tells me that I'm his only real friend, how wonderful I am. He will tell me everything in his personal life too, llike he always confieds in me. So a lot of his actions make him seem to like me. But then he will flirt with everygirl in front of me. And always says "I hope I'm not making you jealous". So any advice? I don't know if maybe I'm just wishful thinking he likes me or what. A lot of ny coeworkers notice how he acts too. He even seems jealous if he sees me talking to another guy.


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  • So.. You got time for this BUUULLLL FUCKING SHIT?


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