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I have been seeing this guy for a year and a half. We talk all the time and are very open and honest with each other. Well over the last year we have been having in depth talks about what each other wants and where him and I are going. We have talked about kids and how many, how we feel about each other, he told me that I push him into unfamiliar territory when it comes to life but it's a good thing. He told me that he feels a connection between us that he can't really explain. He calls me when he is on long road trips and last time we were together he brought up that if we got married that out initials would be the same lol. I never thought about it that far ahead but apparently he has. He also told me he thinks about me a lot. He is the only guy that has ever actually made me feel like a total girl. I have always been a tom boy and most guys I find are to uptight. He treats me like a princess and makes me feel special. So as far as I can tell all the signs are there that he really likes me. The thing I am wondering is he trying to deny that he does like me? From my experience guys don't make themselves vulnerable like that. He's an amazing person and when he ticked me off and new I was mad at him he did everything he could think of to try and work it out. After we had a good talk he admitted to me that he could not push me out of his life even if he tried. I told him I felt the same way. So does this guy actually like me but is trying to deny it to himself or what is going on? I am confused at this point. I know we agreed to move slow and he has a lot on the line if a woman gets that close but I am not the kind of person that would do that because I know how it feels. Please help


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  • He wants to kiss you deadly.

    • Thing is we have already kissed. We have had sex a handful of times too and no we weren't drinking lol. He still keeps trying to make me happy and surprises me out of the blue like that marriage comment as I explained above.

    • You both know what each other like. You're made for each other.

    • Thanks. Even though it's by default lol

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