He asked me out?

I have been talking to this guy for a while now and he lives in another town about 30 minutes away from me. I sort of thought of him as being a potential friend with benefits and I thought that is what he intended too. What surprised me is that he asked me out on a date, and didn't label it as a meet-up or anything, he literally said "Will you go on a date with me".

Now I am just confused on his intentions and surprised really. Like I don't know how to act, act like a friend? or as though this relationship is more than platonic and more than just 'friend with benefits'.


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  • if you want to, why don't you accept then?

    • That is not quite what I meant in the question. I am confused as to why he asked me out when we both knew it was not like... that.

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  • I think right now it doesn't really matter because you can go on the date and find out what his intentions are. You should act like you are on a date. He didn't say "let's hang out", he asked you out for a date.

    You should also make your intentions clear to him in how you see him so there is clarity before any friends with benefits action starts.


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  • More than friends with benefits ! Come on If he asked u on a date ya ofcourse it's more than that

    • I think u have to accepted..

    • I did :)

    • Nice ! The 2 first dates will be awkward I think but u 2 will pass it... wish luck & enjoy it ;)

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