What are your Thoughts on Hugging?

Guys, when you hug a girl, do you hug them a certain way when feeling a certain emotion? I am SO CONFUSED


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  • If I felt negative emotions I'd give a half-hearted hug which would be close to a pat on the back. If I felt really positive emotion then a full on slightly tigh hug would be appropiate.


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  • hugs do not portray certain emotions in general in the public sphre


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  • Well they probably hug you tighter and the hug is probably "better" the more they like you

    • That's what's confusing me

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    • I actually told him I like him last week, and he tried to give me a hug but it was like a awkward side hug, and I blew him off

    • Oh well he might be uncomfortable right now. Even if he does like you he still might be uncomfortable.

  • When I hug people it's because I really mean it. I don't hug people unless something big is happening.

    Like for example: moving away

    • So hugging is a special gesture coming from you?

    • Kind of.. I guess?

      I usually hug my best friend all the time though hahaha

    • That's like me.. except I hug all of my friends, but my thing is I hug them differently based on how I feel about them. I don't know if that's wrong haha

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