Why would he do this? HELP?

There is this boy at school I really like I'm quite shy and he is very confident especially around the girls he can go up to then hug them joke with them but with me he always just smiles at me and today we went into assembly and he looked so pissed off that that he had to stand next to me so he left a huge gap in between us
Why the would he do this it's just pathetic straight after we left I went and stood next to my friends and he came and stood with his friends really close to me so I don't get it he is always trying to impress me and make me smile and I have done nothing to piss him off as I know he kinda likes me and I don't do anything to him

But why would he not want to stand next to me in assembly bearing in mind it was in front of the whole year group.


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  • He probably was pissed at something else


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