Shy guys, would you add/follow her?

Shy guys, if there's a girl in your school you see almost everyday (you're not in the same class) and you find her attractive/interesting.
You've had eye contact with her a couple of times but you're not 100% sure that she feels the same.
Would you add her on fb/follow on instagram or would you wait for her to do it (if she will)?
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  • I grew up super shy, in a time way before online access to school mates... I'm jealous that such access now exists because in my "day" we shy guys had to be creepy from a distance.

    My guess is that most shy guys would "add/follow" ... it's super passive and lame but it's "something" I suppose.

    I will warn you... if the guy is too shy to say hello then how do you think the relationship is going to work? He's always going to be hiding his feelings, leaving you guessing, and leaving you to make all the relationship decisions.

    That being said... some shy guys are really just guys who aren't interested. So who knows right?

    Life's too short, go say "hi!" :D

    ~ Robby


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  • I dont need FB or Instagram to follow her. I maybe shy but i would just talk to her and begin conversation and if it turns out her personality is as her beauty i would ingage in future conversation.

  • I am in a similar situation, and I am waiting to see if she will :/


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