I think my manager likes me and things are getting strange?

Well he isn't my manager, he is a manager of a different department, however his desk is right next to my manager's desk.

He calls me pixie, I am not short ( 5'9 ) and he has asked me four times if it is okay if he calls me pixie. I said it was fine, not a big deal, just a nickname.

Now for the weird part! He is obsessed with this purple ribbon I wore in my hair ONCE. Count it ONE TIME. He always talks to me when I pass by and mentions the ribbon about 4 times a week.

One day I asked to speak with him to see if he would be interested in donating to a charity I support. He said "wear the ribbon and we will talk" so I did, we talked ( nothing about the charity) then after he gave a considerable donation.

Is he making fun of me? or does he like me? this behaviour is very odd.


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  • He is odd its hard to know if he likes you or having fun of you


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