How to NOT miss him right now?

I am really really missing my guy friend right now. We are not on talking terms. Muychest is aching really badly and so is my stomach and whole body. I want to cry out loud but tears are not coming out. I have no idea what I should do. I AM feeling like I would go mad right now. How the hell should I stop missing him?


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  • Plenty of more dudes out there. What you saw in him you'll see in someone else. The act of Love is universal; it is what you desire and not that said person or another has short or long hair or great eyes etc.

    • I don't love him. I never valued him for his outer appearance but because of his uinque personality as guys like him are hard to find.

    • Don't worry about it. Trust me if you liked his personality and only because it's a personality you like then you'll find it in another man. Don't worry

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