This guy has a girlfriend but keeps on staring at me?

Basically this guy keep on staring at me a lot but he has a Girlfriend like the staring is too much i just wanna know why (I know this is a stupid question but i just wanna know why)
he still stares at me


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  • the fact hehas a gf, it doesn't me he won't stare at other girls... many guys do that :-P


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  • A lot of guys do that and its obvious why lol just ignore it you will get use to it.. just remember to stand for yourself to some of the gfs because even if you are not staring back some girls will still get all mad and think blaming the girl even if she's not doing anything wrong its annoying some girls are crazy lol.


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  • I hate people that stare, but all men cheat, so the fact he has a GF is irrelevant


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