Is Guy friend into me?

Hi I wanted people's opinion if you think this guy likes me more than mates, he has gf but has had problems and me temporary split at moment.

We have worked togeather last couple of years and have a very friendly and honest friendship.
He has always done things which I am unsure are him being just very nice as he is actually quite insecure shy guy who loves attention but very pleasant too and very friendly in general.

Teases me so much, like takes mock out if way I say and do things, does it so I hit him to get reaction, loves my attention when in eye view at work as I sit behind him on next block of desks, says things like "hot in here as your around" and if I say hair looks nice he goes oh yeah in such a way, started checking my boobs out recently, looks at me right in eyes, likes to lunch alone sometimes and took me first out in new car he got.

He does loads more things too like compliments me loads hair shoes anything but sometimes does to others too, but it's like he likes my attention and to help me when he can.

But last week he said can't complimdnt you now and won't talk as much as gotta be careful as his job not permanent yet, but yet he acted the same way round everyone else, which is odd.

He would email me though more bout work stuff and just stare at me but would not talk unless I did he made me feel aqward if honest and its like if I went over he will be blunt and not ask how my evening was like before or offer me drink or food but on a night out with work he was very touchy feely, touching my shoulders lots and sitting right next to me being very clingy it was strange, and even lunched but acted so quiet and off.

Then today he got his new car and I saw him car park he was so happy I told him also bout problems with my bf and he said needs to realise can't treat u like that but I said see how goes unsure if want to be with him, now he kinda done u turn again and being so nice, but on lunch nervous lots

Now am confused?


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  • He's infatuated with you. You guys should break up from your other relationships and get together. He's trying not to think about dating you and the pressure is making him nervous. So go get him girl!!

    • But he will talk bout his gf saying looking at mortgage etc but guess he will do and says shame bout me n bf but think he trying to be good friend, which I respect him for as he not a cheat he lovely but saying his mate seeing girl older than him as am 8 years older, he so comfortable round me but when he says bout women he likes its model types, but famous but is that reason he was off with me he thought didn't like me

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    • What do u mean? So y stop compliments?

    • He has a girl friend you have a bf. If your friendship is going into more than a friendship and that doesn't seem to be a good idea, then i would stay away. I would Take the compliments with a professional smile. Nothing else. But this is what i think. You do what u want to do. :P

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  • I would be careful... he may be on the rebound from his on again... off again girlfriend.

    Besides if you think something may be happening... you owe it to your bf to break it off and not go behind his back.

    If you get those issues clarified then you should be good to go... if you want him!

    • I would not cheat and he knows that unsure bout him I don't think so but not 100% obviously but he don't reply to texts really much but does what's app sometimes but what is it with him ignoring being off then back normal why

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    • Hmmm... then it may just be he is in to you and does not want to come across to strong cause you both are at work. That may be the reason he runs a little hot... then runs a little cold because he does not want to be too obvious in front of everyone at work?

    • Extacly as I think someone said something maybe but today hot again more so as I said me and bf having problems I feel he loves my company and even at lunch he speaks to me like known each other years and loved driving and showing me his car he so proud

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